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Understand The Responsibilities

An industry starting to see more and more issues with neglected failing infrastructures is the real estate industry.  Many buyers don't know homeowners are responsible for the sewer lines below their home, which are called private sewer laterals.  Private sewer laterals are the portion of the sewer network connecting private properties to the public sewer system.  This responsibility could extend under driveways, walkways, streets and on occasion, other people's property.

The nation's infrastructure is aging, and that brings many problems that buyers and realtors need to understand.  Many of today's sewer lines are well over their expected lifespan of 50 - 60 years and are made of materials that are not suitable to withstand the area's and the nation's growing population.

Many agencies are now required, or at a minimum, asking to include sewer lines in a home inspection and, if a problem arises in the inspection, this can cause major issues at closing for both the realtor, potential buyer and seller.  But we are here to educate and help those who need it.  Being accepted as an approved technology, sewer liners or CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe) has made a huge difference in this market, including the way that home inspections, particularly sewer video inspections are viewed.  Having an issue with a sewer line that needs corrected is no longer a daunting or somewhat impossible project.  We make it affordable.

We have been watching this trend for quite some time, and have developed  great working relationships with realtors and brokers throughout the area to educate them on the benefits of trenchless technology.

Representing someone who's buying a home is an exciting time for that buyer and you don't want the home closing to fall through because due diligence wasn't done to include a sewer line video inspection.  The underground infrastructure is often neglected by the real estate industry because most people are not aware of what the homeowner is responsible for, and this needs to change.


Please call us at 412-223-2560 to schedule your sewer video inspection today.  If you have any questions about the process, we are here to help. 

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